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With the advancements in micro-laser technology, a range of orthodontic procedures can be accomplished with greater ease. Lamparski Orthodontics offers laser treatments for several conditions, including frenectomy, gingivoplasty, tooth exposures, and operculectomy.


A naturally occurring muscle attachment is identified as a “frenulum.” It attaches the internal side of the lip to the gum. An unreasonably large frenulum can prevent the teeth from coming together, eventually producing a gap between the front teeth. It can also cause the gums to recede prematurely. This tissue can cause pain, discomfort and can interfere with your ability to eat, swallow or speak properly.

During a frenectomy, the irregular frenulum  is removed.  This procedure only takes about 5-10 minutes, and stitches aren’t needed.  This is a common procedure that can be performed on patients of any age.

epic laser x lamparski orthodontics

EPIC™X Diode Laser

Lamparski Orthodontics uses the state-of-the-art laser approach to treatment.

EPIC™X Diode Laser

The EPIC™X Diode Laser from BIOLASE targets the soft tissues without damaging healthy areas during treatment. Our patients enjoy fast healing times and minimal pain and discomfort with the laser.


Genetics, Illness, puberty, or reactions to prescription medications may result in the growth of gums above the teeth leading to a “gummy” smile, where the teeth appear smaller than their actual size and may look misshapen or uneven.  Lamparski Orthodontics can help through a cosmetic gum shaping procedure known as gingivoplasty.


An exposure is a procedure that prepares unerupted teeth for orthodontic care. A small window through the gums is made so a bracket can be attached to the tooth.


If a tooth is stuck, blocked or unable to break through the gums, it is considered to be impacted. There are many possible causes for a tooth to become impacted. The area may be crowded, leaving no room for the tooth to erupt. For example, the jaw may be too small to fit the wisdom teeth. A tooth may also become twisted, tilted, or displaced as it tries to erupt. Sometimes, an extra tooth can block the eruption of a tooth.


Operculectomy is the removal of the gum tissue which sometimes forms a flap over a partially erupted tooth (usually the lower 2nd molars). This gum tissue flap is called an operculum. Since it is difficult to properly clean the tooth under the operculum, a cavity can form in that area.

This procedure is also done to treat pericoronitis, a condition characterised by pain and inflammation of the operculum. Pericoronitis typically occurs among young adults, especially those whose wisdom teeth are starting to erupt.




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