The tween to teen years are the years that most kids start their orthodontic treatments.  Why?  Because kids ages 9 to 16 tend to gain the most benefit from braces.  Their bones are still developing, including their jaws and faces.  It is easier to shift teeth into place when the bones are softer and still developing.  This makes it the optimal time for Dr. Lamparski to start the process of re-aligning bites, expanding palates and providing general orthodontic treatment.

Over bite, under bite, crowding, poor spacing, misaligned bite and more should be addressed during the teen years with proper orthodontic treatment.  Teens tend to start becoming self conscious about their smile or the way their teeth look around the time they start middle school.  Self esteem in a teenager can be greatly enhanced by having orthodontic treatment.  All of these issues can be remediated by Dr. Lamparski and his team.

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Treating these issues through orthodontics is often necessary and, if left untreated, may lead to further dental health problems as an adult.  Over crowded or crooked teeth make it difficult for a teenager to use proper oral hygiene, which may result in tooth loss, tooth decay and gum disease. Some teens also face worn tooth enamel problems which leads to sensitivity and problems chewing. Bad bite can result in extra pressure on gum tissue and supporting bone. Taking an earlier approach to orthodontic treatment may prevent future dental problems.

Your teen may be hesitant to accept orthodontic treatment because of their appearance.  They may not want to wear braces or they may state that they don’t like the way braces look.  Rest assured, Lamparksi Orthodontics has numerous options for teens such as different types of braces and clear aligners. Appropriate orthodontic treatment at early stage can lead to a confident adult with a beautiful smile.

Lamparski Orthodontics handles every teen carefully and patiently by understanding their needs and empathizing with their emotional concerns.


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